Real-time Transaction Monitoring

Maintain a 360-degree view of fraud & financial crime in real-time.

Effectiv’s transaction monitoring and payment fraud detection solutions help you to keep your customers’ money safe while reducing your fraud losses. With machine learning-driven fraud protection and AML/BSA rule sets we help you to detect and flag threats in real-time – no matter if P2P, Zelle, RTP, ACH, or any other transaction type.

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Reduce False Positives with Machine Learning

In today’s world, fraud decisions can’t take more than a few milliseconds. Using custom and proprietary machine learning models, Effectiv helps you make the right decision in a blink.

Protect Your Customers in Real-Time

Today’s fraud and AML/BSA solution make a fraudster’s life easy not stopping transactions in-time. With proactive, real-time based fraud protection, you prevent fraud before it happens and the money left the account. 

Maintain a holistic view with a single platform

A holistic platform approach is the key to effective risk management. With onboarding, risk, and payment solutions integrated into one place, you can unlock synergy effects through data sharing and detect fraudulent activities across the lifecycle.

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