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Stay AML Compliant With Continuous Transaction Monitoring

Utilize machine learning to continuously monitor transaction data, identify anomalous customer behavior, and prevent money laundering with Effectiv’s AML transaction monitoring solution.

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Stay AML Compliant With Continuous Transaction Monitoring

Utilize world-class data services & machine learning to continuously monitor transaction data to analyze customer behavioral patterns and identify money laundering schemes.

Trusted By Financial Institutions & Fintechs

Trusted By Financial Institutions & Fintechs

Leverage Network Graph Analytics & Machine Learning to Monitor Transactions at Scale

Our Transaction Monitoring Solution will send your team suspicious activity alerts in real-time based on transaction and account data across the customer lifecycle.

Automated UBO Verification

Strengthen Your AML Strategy with Intelligent Transaction Monitoring

Harness a vast network of data signals - identity, transactions, behaviors, and more - delivering a complete historical view of the customer’s behavior. This allows you to proactively identify and stop money laundering, fraud, and other financial crimes that others miss.

End-to-End Automation Multiplies Efficiency

Streamline the entire investigation process from alert triage and risk scoring to evidence gathering, decisioning, and filing SAR/CTR reports directly to FinCEN using our genAI report narrative writing assistant.

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Prevent Money Laundering with ML & Network-Graph Technology

Effectiv identifies sophisticated criminal activity by analyzing entity relationships across devices, identities, transactions, and data points - catching money mules, laundering rings, and fraud within complex information webs. Use our out-of-the-box machine learning models or train your own model using customer data to pinpoint anomalies and generate alerts in real time.

Manage AML Risk at Every Step of The Transaction

Combine graph data, machine learning, and external data sources using custom rules and decision flows to continuously asses account holder risk.

One tool to automate all risk operations

Risk Strategy

Create custom rules that define suspicious activity specific to your business's context to enhance the precision and effectiveness of fraud detection.

One tool to automate all risk operations

Risk Workflow Testing

Simulate and evaluate the effectiveness of different fraud detection rules before implementing them to minimize false positives and fine-tune your risk parameters.

One tool to automate all risk operations

Anti-Money Laundering

Detect, prevent, and report money laundering activities. We continuously scan and analyze transaction patterns, allowing you to remain compliant with AML regulations.

One tool to automate all risk operations

Allow/Deny Lists

Create tailored lists to approve trusted entities (Allow List) or block suspicious ones (Deny List), enhancing your control over transactions.

One tool to automate all risk operations

Real-Time Rules

Apply preset detection rules to transactions as they occur, enabling instant identification and prevention of suspicious activities to ensure optimal protection.

One tool to automate all risk operations

Network Graph

By mapping out the complex relationships between entities and transactions, our network graph will reveal hidden patterns, connections, and suspicious behavior.

What Customers Say About Effectiv

"After considering other solution providers such as Alloy and Persona we chose Effectiv because of their superior AML transaction monitoring solution. The platform's flexibility, quick integration and AML monitoring capabilities were key factors that set Effectiv apart from the rest."

Alora Calcagno
Vice President, Operations


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AML transaction monitoring?

AML transaction monitoring is an automated process used by financial institutions to analyze customer transactions in real-time or on a scheduled basis to detect and report suspicious activities indicative of money laundering. This process involves scrutinizing patterns of behavior that deviate from the norm, with the aim of preventing financial crimes and ensuring regulatory compliance.

An AML screening tool is a software solution, used by financial institutions to automatically check clients and transactions against regulatory watchlists, sanctions lists, and databases of politically exposed persons (PEPs) to identify and mitigate risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing. This tool plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with global anti-money laundering regulations.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) are anti-money laundering (AML) processes used by financial institutions to assess the risk level of customers and understand their financial activities. CDD is the standard process for all customers, while EDD is an additional, more detailed process applied to higher-risk customers or transactions, requiring more extensive information gathering and analysis.

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