The All-in-One Fraud & Risk Management Platform

Effectiv is the leading solution for fully customizable fraud management. Integrate all your data streams on one platform, customize your fraud strategies, and gain a 360-degree view of all your risk factors. No engineering required.

Companies that trust Effectiv

Companies that trust Effectiv

Safeguard Your Business from Fraud

Begin by implementing a risk strategy solution developed by experts to manage onboarding, credit card fraud, RTP, Zelle, and more. Then continue incorporating more use cases to streamline your risk platform stack.

Customizable Case Management Solution

Identify threats and monitor bad actors from a unified dashboard. Detect emerging threats proactively with visual analytics and gain insight into fraud ring behavior. Customize and automate your reviewers' workflow to streamline team collaboration for better protection.

Case Management Solution

Instantly Integrate With a Suite of Leading Data Vendors

Add new data vendors like Socure, Sentilink, Middesk to your platform. Gone are the days of dealing with sales teams or worrying about costly, time-consuming integrations.

No-Code, Fully Customizable Real-Time Decision Engine

Gain back control of all your fraud and compliance strategies. Customize rules and computations to easily automate decisions and reduce manual efforts by 80%! All without writing a single line of code.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Our AI/ML engine will automatically improve your solution over time. Create a comprehensive view across all channels with personalized dashboards. Receive insights directly into your email inbox with automated email reports.

SAR Filing and Compliance Automation

Automate 314a screening and SAR filing with customizable case management and workflows. Save time complying with government regulations and filing with law enforcement.

Cloud Security

Secure By Design, Managed in the Cloud

Security is at the heart of everything we do. We understand the importance of keeping your data secure. Gain the benefits of full data encryption, audit logs, role-based access control (RBAC), and more.

Instant Access to World Class Fraud and Risk Expertise

Leverage our team's knowledge with ungated access to our solutions team. During your integration cycle, we migrate and consolidate all your existing processes, while helping to scale down your long-term operations.

"BHG Financial selected Effectiv for their team's depth of experience in the fraud space, flexibility to service a complex multi-product environment, and features that are a fraud executive's dream. Effectiv is a competitive game changer for our business."

BHG Money

"The most exciting aspect for our team is related to our risk, credit, and fraud policies and that we are able to do a lot by ourselves without involving our engineering team as a result of partnering with Effectiv."


"In our world of fast payments, you want to make sure that your KYB solution accurately and quickly validates their identity. Effectiv's system has that quick response. Effeciv is a company that we can continue to grow with over time."

Fight Fraud and Safely Onboard Customers with One Powerful Platform