We collaborate with leading technology companies, consultants, and data service providers to help prevent fraud and reduce risk for financial institutions and fintech companies.

Our Partners

*Note: not all Effectiv partners are listed.

Why partner with Effectiv?

Effectiv partners with companies to generate additional revenue, offer new data services to our growing customer base, and integrate risk mitigation into leading technology platforms.

Integration Partners

Embed Effectiv into your platform or resell our suite of risk solutions to your customers.

Integration partners are typically payment technology companies, BaaS infrastructure providers, or digital banking companies.

Channel Partners

Channel partners earn additional revenue by referring Effectiv to clients.

Channel partners are typically consulting firms, software companies, venture firms, accelerators, and core banking technology companies.

Data Partners

Data partners integrate with Effectiv to offer data services to our customers.

Data partners are typically identity verification solutions, business verification solutions, biometric solutions, or transaction data solutions.

“Financial institutions are quickly realizing the potential of the rich data that comes with instant payments. With Effectiv, Pidgin offers a new way for financial institutions to leverage that transaction data and use it to combat fraud more holistically and effectively without relying on time-consuming back-end processes and manual workflows, which can make it difficult to process payments in a real-time environment."

Abhishek Veeraghanta

Founder & CEO


“MANTL has a long-standing track record of mitigating fraud while providing a best-in-class customer experience during the account opening process. By partnering with Effectiv, we are expanding our delivery of industry-leading fraud detection, leveraging automation and configurability to meet every risk strategy. This partnership strengthens our platform and ability to drive growth for our customers.”

Colleen Wilson

VP of Product


“With the speed at which money moves today, fraud detection needs to be just as fast. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Effectiv and enabling customers to combat fraud more holistically.”

Mark Vermeersch

Chief Platform Officer

Treasury Prime

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