Decrease manual case review by 80%

Review processes are the biggest bottleneck in customer onboarding and a major reason for low conversions. Streamline your operations with visual analytics, an all-in-one dashboard, and reports that uncover operational inefficiencies.

Decrease manual review 
tasks by 80%

Companies that trust Effectiv

Companies that trust Effectiv

Everything you need to manage, investigate, and streamline your operations

One customizable dashboard to make fast, accurate decisions eliminating the need to switch between tabs and tools.

Make faster decisions with a single, customizable dashboard

Make faster decisions with one customizable dashboard

Enhance your ability to make informed decisions with the aid of advanced visual analytics. Discover any bottlenecks and keep track of the progress of each case through the use of ops analytics and reporting.

A fully customizable all-in-one dashboard

Simplify your review process by utilizing a single tool that offers visual analytics and customizable views, eliminating the need to constantly switch between tabs. Ensure full compliance with auditors by maintaining a unified and secure audit trail.

Automated Case Management

Automated Case Management

Automate your operational processes with human-in-the-loop workflows, eliminating busy work and freeing up your team’s resources.

Case Audit

Next-Level Collaboration

Provide a complete audit trail to stay 100% compliant. Share, organize, and discuss evidence directly within the platform.

Case Management Dashboard

Visual Analytics

Transform raw data into charts, graphs, and heat maps to quickly identify trends, patterns, and outliers, which might be difficult to see from text or numerical data alone.

"BHG Financial selected Effectiv for their team's depth of experience in the fraud space, flexibility to service a complex multi-product environment, and features that are a fraud executive's dream. Effectiv is a competitive game changer for our business."

Andrew Stone

SVP, Financial Management

BHG Money

"The most exciting aspect for our team is related to our risk, credit, and fraud policies and that we are able to do a lot by ourselves without involving our engineering team as a result of partnering with Effectiv."

Jason Sun

Director of Risk


"In our world of fast payments, you want to make sure that your KYB solution accurately and quickly validates their identity. Effectiv's system has that quick response. Effeciv is a company that we can continue to grow with over time."

Haddy Coulibaly

SVP, Operations

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