Fraud orchestration that adapts and scales

Solution First

Solutions that come with pre-built integrations there by reducing the time to go live and provide faster time to value

Simply Scalable

Rapid customization that make fraud operations more efficient and allow to scale fraud fighting efforts without breaking sweat

Smart Platform

Our proprietary machine learning not only stops fraud, it also understands fraud better and works as an assistant for the analysts


Our founding team has 30+ years of combined experience in fighting fraud at companies like Google, PayPal, Samsung, WalmartLabs, and Hitachi and in building and shipping data focussed enterprise products.

With Effectiv, we are building the next-generation fraud prevention platform with an aim to significantly reduce the cost to manage fraud. Effectiv is a US-based company with offices in Hyderabad, India and London, UK.


Effectiv is grateful to be backed by industry-leading investors, advisors, and experts.