Mitigate fraud and risk
with a modular, unified solution

Combine fraud and compliance risk management into one, holistic solution providing ultimate control in an omnichannel environment.

Companies that trust Effectiv

Companies that trust Effectiv


Reduction in manual work for fraud and risk operation teams


Worth of automated risk and fraud decisions processed


Faster adaptation to new fraud trends and changes to regulatory requirements

Protect your organization from fraud and mitigate risk

Effectiv is the modular, centralized risk hub that gets you compliant and fraud-free from day one, with AI & ML models that adapt to your changing organizational needs.

Mitigate fraud and risk with a modular, unified solution

Streamline your risk tool set

One interface that combines all the risk tools you currently use. Utilize a unified API to reduce fraud, stay compliant, and boost operational efficiency.

Go Beyond Data Orchestration

Gain critical insights and streamline your team’s efficiency with a combination of best-in-class data services, internal intelligence, and human intuition.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Customize fraud workflows and case lifecycle management. No engineering required.

"BHG Financial selected Effectiv for their team's depth of experience in the fraud space, flexibility to service a complex multi-product environment, and features that are a fraud executive's dream. Effectiv is a competitive game changer for our business."

Andrew Stone

SVP, Financial Management

BHG Money

"The most exciting aspect for our team is related to our risk, credit, and fraud policies and that we are able to do a lot by ourselves without involving our engineering team as a result of partnering with Effectiv."

Jason Sun

Director of Risk


"In our world of fast payments, you want to make sure that your KYB solution accurately and quickly validates their identity. Effectiv's system has that quick response. Effeciv is a company that we can continue to grow with over time."

Haddy Coulibaly

SVP, Operations

What makes Effectiv different

Improve your case management team's efficiency by 80%

Visualize threats and monitor bad actors from a customizable dashboard. Quickly investigate suspicious activities, gain insights into fraud ring behaviors, and proactively identify emerging threats. Compare data across channels to better understand the impact of your strategy.

Automate KYC/KYB and transaction monitoring in minutes - No developer required

Automate KYC/KYB and transaction monitoring

Effectiv’s AI-powered no-code platform enables your risk team to be in control of all fraud & compliance strategies through no-code automated workflows.

Take advantage of the world's leading risk data

Effectiv includes access to best-in-breed data providers for free. All through a single integration. Gone are the days of painful vendor negotiations and one-off integrations.

Take advantage of the world's leading risk data with 1-click
Build by experts in risk and fraud automation - we’re here to help

Built by experts in risk and fraud automation

We have helped fintechs and banks of all sizes build flexible, scalable fraud and compliance automation processes. When you partner with Effectiv, you get access to world-class expertise and our risk solutions team to integrate your existing processes and scaling them for long-term success.

Key Features & Captabilities

Customize the capabilities of your data platform depending on your industry, use cases, size and budget. Here are some of the most common capabilities we recommend to get started. You can always add new capabilities as you consolidate systems and scale.

One tool to automate all risk operations

All-in-One Risk Operation Tool

A unified, customizable platform for onboarding, payment, credit, and more risk decision automation.

One tool to automate all risk operations

Unified Case Management

Combining all the data in one interface makes it easy to manage cases and access relevant data and information to make better decisions faster.

One tool to automate all risk operations

Pre-Integrated Data Vendors

Get top risk and fraud data without relying on engineering teams and time consuming vendor negotiations.

One tool to automate all risk operations

No-Code Rule & Strategy Management

Easily implement sophisticated rule sets and orchestrate data vendors without any coding knowledge.

One tool to automate all risk operations

Augmented Analytics & Insights

Integrated dashboards and reporting to help you answer complicated questions and optimize your risk and fraud programs.

One tool to automate all risk operations

Enterprise Grade Security

Security is at the heart of everything we do. Gain the benefits of an all-cloud solution with full data encryption, audit logs, RBAC, and more.

Fight Fraud and Safely Onboard Customers with One Powerful Platform