Explore our collection of on-demand webinars to learn about wide-ranging topics from fraud, to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

From Porous to Powerful: How to Turn Your Contact Center Into a Fraud-Fighting Machine

Engage in a fireside chat with industry experts on the evolving landscape and challenges of fraud prevention within the CFI sector.

The Fast and the Fraud-less: Real-time Transaction Fraud Protection with AI-Driven Solutions

Real-time transaction monitoring is critical for catching fraud in today’s digital world. Join us for this engaging webinar where we’ll explore how real-time monitoring helps credit unions detect and prevent fraud in a multi-channel environment.

The How-To Guide to Preventing Fraud in Real-Time with AI

Drawing from diverse perspectives and deep industry insights, our expert panelists will illuminate the potential of AI to revolutionize risk management protocols and fortify financial institutions against ever-evolving threats.

Mastering Account Onboarding: Defeating Fraud, Reducing Friction, and Ensuring Compliance

Experts from Effectiv and Socure walk you through refining your account onboarding procedures, reducing fraud exposure, and maintaining adherence to robust risk management strategies.

From Vulnerability to Vigilance: Strategies to Protect Your Credit Union Against Fraud

Join Ravi Sandepudi, Co-founder and CEO of Effectiv, to discuss what credit unions need to know to fight tomorrow’s financial crime and reveal how to maintain compliance with an omni-channel approach.

Faster & Safer Payments: How to Enable Next-Gen Payments for Account Holders

Watch Abhishek Veeraghanta, CEO/Co-Founder at Pidgin, and Ravi Sandepudi, CEO/Co-Founder at Effectiv discuss instant payments and real-time transaction monitoring.

Building a Resilient, Unified Risk Management Financial Crime Framework

Watch Debra Geister, VP Compliance & Regulatory at Socure and Ritesh Arora, Co-Founder & COO at Effectiv discuss the three crucial pillars of detecting and preventing financial crime.

Identity Fraud: Exploring the Risks, Challenges & Mitigation Strategies

Watch BHG Financial, Sentilink, and Effectiv discuss the current state of identity fraud, its impact on financial institutions, and best practices to solve this growing problem.

ML & XAI in Fraud Prevention: Past, Present & Future

Watch Seldon and Effectiv discuss the evolution of ML and XAI in fraud prevention at present and predictions about how ML and XAI will be used to prevent fraud in the future.

Managing Fraud and Compliance Holistically

Watch David Mattei, Strategic Advisor, Aite-Novarica Group and Ravi Sandepudi, CEO, Effectiv explore the challenges financial institutions and fintechs face around managing fraud and risk.

How a Unified Approach To Fraud & Compliance Delivers Incremental Benefits

Watch Ravi Sandepudi, CEO of Effectiv, as he explores the challenges financial institutions face around fraud and risk.

How to Leverage Actionable Data Insights with AI to Prevent Fraud and Protect Accounts

Watch Ritesh Arora COO at Effectiv discuss how utilizing AI helps stop fraud before it starts while increasing productivity, reducing operational costs, and strengthening your fraud and compliance programs.

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