Customize machine learning with built-in analytics

Start simplifying and automating with powerful machine learning that supercharges workflow strategies enabling more efficient and effective decisioning.

Make better decisions with machine learning

ML driven decision making reduces false-positives

Out-of-the-box and custom AI-driven fraud detection and compliance automation solutions enable faster time to market saving you time and money. Effectiv unlocks the full potential of your team by supercharging the review and audit process that can be customized to your CIP/KYC and AML program needs.

ML that Works and is Impactful

Utilize custom and built-in machine learning solutions with ease

With Effectiv’s built-in machine learning capabilities and ML-model connectors, tweaking AI-based decisioning solutions to your need is simple. Utilize self-hosted machine learning models and Effectiv’s custom built solutions to improve outcomes, reduce decisioning time and optimize your user journey.

A strong partner in your journey for ML-driven automation

Partner with us in your journey to defeat fraud

The team behind Effectiv has built machine learning solutions for some of the biggest fintechs and financial institutions in the world and has helped scale automated decision-making tens of billions of transactions. Every Effectiv customer profits from this expertise and has access to our world-class team of data science and machine learning experts to decimate fraud patterns and financial crime.

Effectiv Success Factors

Empower your

Help your team go faster and focus on the work that matters. Easily change, optimize and adapt to your business requirements without writing any code.

Leverage decades
of Expertise

Gain critical insights quickly and streamline your team’s efficiency by augmenting decision making with deep data analytics and machine learning.

Easy No Code

Effectiv is designed, built and operated by a team of industry experts that helped the world’s biggest banks and fintechs to stay ahead of fraud and financial crime.

Andrew Stone

Vice President, Fraud Management
& Financial Crimes

BHG Financial selected Effectiv for three core reasons:

  • The accumulated experience of the team in the fraud space
  • Significant and uncommon flexibility in servicing a complex multi-product environment
  • A feature roadmap that is a fraud executive’s dream – a competitive game changer for our business

Client Stories

Learn how Effectiv helps BHG save over
$2 million in fraud and go to market faster!

Insights That Reflect The Expertise Of The Team

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