The #1 Identity Decisioning Platform Alternative

Effectiv is the leading alternative to known identity decisioning solutions, offering a suite of innovative features at a fair price. We provide a powerful and proven platform that helps you manage risk decisions of any kind in real-time while ensuring full customizability and control.

Reduce costs
and gain more flexibility

With Effectiv, customers can save money and get more customization. Our solutions are more economical than other alternatives and offer customers more flexibility than the competition. We provide the guidance they need to make the switch, reducing time to value and increasing ROI.

Choose from best-in-class
data vendors

Effectiv’s data sources are carefully selected to provide the best-in-class protection, so you can be sure that your identity protection is up-to-date and accurate. Pre-integrated data sources and analytics make sure that your risk decisioning engine is always compliant and up-to-date.

24/7 Expert Advice in-app and via Slack channel

We are pleased to offer the best support for our customers, both in-app and via instant messaging. Our risk and fraud solution team is available at your convenience to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Our dedicated experts are always on hand to provide you with the help you need.

Companies that already trust in Effectiv

Don't pay for data unless you need them

Migrate today and save money immediately

Effectiv’s intuitive no-code platform enables your risk team to be in full control of the customer experience and all fraud & compliance strategies. Take your current workflows and unlock true cost savings in minutes. Get help from our dedicated solutions team today! Easily automate decisions and reduce manual efforts by 90%! 

Managed data vendors without losing controll

Take advantage of the world's leading fraud data immediately

Effectiv comes with best-in-breed data providers out of the box. All through a single integration. Unshakle yourself from the engineering team and painful vendor negotiations, and enhance your risk strategies with the worlds best risk and fraud data tomorrow.

Reduce engineering dependencies to zero

Improve your existing risk workflow in minutes - No developers needed

Effectiv’s intuitive no-code platform enables your risk team to be in control of all your fraud & compliance strategies. Take your current solution and processes and test them within minutes. Easily automate decisions and reduce manual efforts by 90%! All this without needing a single line of code.

Benefit from 24/7 Solution Support

Our decades of risk expertise at your fingertips

The Effectiv platform is built with decades of risk and fraud expertise gained in some of the best tech companies. Utilise powerful platform capabilities and enterprise-like features made available to everyone! Our fraud solution success and support are just one Slack message away.

Andrew Stone

Vice President, Fraud Management
& Financial Crimes

BHG Financial selected Effectiv for three core reasons:

  • The accumulated experience of the team in the fraud space
  • Significant and uncommon flexibility in servicing a complex multi-product environment
  • A feature roadmap that is a fraud executive’s dream – a competitive game changer for our business

Client Stories

Learn how Effectiv helps BHG save over
$2 million in fraud and go to market faster!

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