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Customer First​

We believe that our customers deserve best-in-class products and services. We work closely with our customers to thoroughly understand their needs and receive feedback on our work to make improvements. After all, we are working as a team to protect their business and customers!

Design & Data Driven

We believe that together, design and data can solve complex fraud problems without adding work to frontline fraud and abuse fighters.

Diverse Team

With our founding team working from three different countries, diversity is at the core of who we are. We don’t care where you come from, what degrees you have, what you look like, when you work or where you work from as long as you are playing for the team.

Open Communication

As a team, we openly share our thoughts, love discussing new ideas, hold constructive debates, and, most importantly, have fun while working.

Intelligent Risk Takers

With big problems like fraud, only bigger and bolder risks have the potential to make a change. After spending decades immersed in the world of fraud, we believe that we have the collective know-how to stop fraud.

Open Positions

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Location – US

Job Type – Full Time

Experience – 10+ years

Skills – Banking and Financial Institutions, Fraud, KYC, Compliance, AML, Fintechs, Hubspot, Intent Mapping, Sales Methodologies, Sales Ops

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Location – US, UK, Remote

Job Type – Full Time

Experience – 4+ years

Skills – ReactJS, Typescript, Flux/Redux, Figma/Framer/InVision, GCP/AWS, node based grpahs library

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