Reduce Engineering Dependency to Zero

Enable your teams to adapt to new fraud trends in no-time

Your fraud and financial crime management teams can start with a best-in-class, out-of-the-box industry solution and customize them to your business without the need for any engineering resources.

Backtest decisions and rules and run strategies in shadow mode to measure impact before affecting life traffic.

Make better decisions with machine learning

Automate decision making while reducing false-positives

With out-of-the-box, pre-integrated, third-party data intelligence providers, AI-driven fraud detection and compliance automation solutions launch faster, saving you time and money.

Never left alone in your journey to secure your organisation

Consult and work with decades of world-class Expertise

The team behind Effectiv has built fraud solutions for some of the biggest fintech and financial institutions in the world and has helped to stop hundreds of millions in fraud. Every Effectiv customer has a dedicated solutions team that supports you 24/7 with our experts dedicated to decimating fraud and financial crime.

All important information at your disposal

Case Management that adapts to your teams need

With a zero code, fast-to-market implementation, you can quickly customize your workflows and manage case lifecycles and operations within one solution. Start simplifying and automating with powerful machine learning that supercharges the reviewer’s workflow enabling more efficient and effective decisions.

Solutions to launch. Platform to grow.

Start with one of Effectiv’s expert solutions and customize
them to cater to your changing organization’s needs while you grow.

Application Fraud

Due to a lack of internal data at the time of an application for a financial product, financial institutions are forced to choose between a bad customer experience or high decline rates or higher fraud rates. By integrating with our out-of-the-box application fraud solution that comes pre-integrated with best-in-class data services to protect financial institutions from fraudsters, we can address both the needs of the modern consumer and prevent fraud from occurring.

Payment Fraud

In addition to RTP, P2P, and Zelle payments, we offer wire transfers, ACH transfers, ATM and debit card transactions, and check fraud protection. Utilizing machine learning-driven insights, smart alerts for guided reviews, sophisticated signals pre-engineered for impact, and an integration that takes days (not weeks) to implement, Effectiv quickly identifies and protects legitimate customer transactions.

BNPL Fraud

Defeating fraudulent attempts right at the POS terminal provides a frictionless customer experience while preventing costly monetary and reputation risks.

Onboarding Fraud

Staying compliant with BSA/AML and KYC regulations is not only mandatory, it also improves efficiency, revenue, and the overall customer experience.

Financial Crime Solutions

Effectiv’s Financial Crime management platform works across multiple solutions originating in a multichannel environment. Utilizing a risk based approach, advanced machine learning to highlight unusual behavior, visual link analysis, and an integrated case management system enables financial institutions to do broader and deeper analysis.

Custom Solutions

Want to define your own fraud-stopping workflows along with your own integrated solutions? Try our drag-and-drop sandbox tool which let’s you test your own strategies enabling constant improvement.

Learn how Effectiv helps BHG to save over
$2 million in fraud and launch faster!