Combine human intelligence with machine efficiency

Machine learning and human decision making at its best

AI-powered solutions enable your teams to learn in real-time providing always up-to-date fraud protection. Machine learning capabilities help perfect your customized workflows.

Reduce Engineering Dependency to Zero

Enable your teams to adapt to new fraud trends in no-time

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, selecting pre-integrated data sources of your choice, bringing your own data partner and custom data to create strategies and rules without writing any code is now possible. Reduce dependencies, unlock insights, and scale operations.

ML that Works and is Impactful

1000s of ML driven rules with analytics to drive the impact you want

With tried and tested set of rules that get you started in no time, ML as your co-pilot to continuously looking for more impactful rules that take no time to implement, Effectiv unlocks the full potential of your team by supercharging the review and audit process that can be customized to your CIP/KYC and AML program needs.

Never left alone in your journey to keep your organization compliant

Consult and work with decades of world-class Financial Crime Expertise

The team behind Effectiv has built solutions to tackle financial crime for some of the biggest fintech and financial institutions in the world and has helped to stop hundreds of millions in fraud for companies like US Bank, Chime, PayPal, Google, and Synchrony. Every Effectiv customer has a dedicated solutions team that supports you 24/7 with our experts dedicated to decimating fraud and financial crime.

Solutions to launch. Platform to grow.

Start with one of Effectiv’s expert solutions and customize
them to cater to your changing organization’s needs while you grow.

KYC and Customer Onboarding

To comply with your KYC regulations while onboarding new customers, you need a solution that will provide a friction-free experience along with protection to your customers. Our solutions do this by combining pre-enriched data with ML-driven features and utilizing our fraud & identity experts within a seamless digital environment your customers expect.

Business Onboarding

Verifying and underwriting businesses requires a flexible and customizable solution that can orchestrate a risk-based approach to onboarding businesses. Effectiv’s data enrichment utilizes best-in-class industry data and a comprehensive orchestrator to get started in minutes enabling your customers to grow their businesses.

Transaction Monitoring

Transaction monitoring solutions (TMS) should not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Effectiv’s TMS automatically segments customers and transactions into different risk buckets, then utilizes impactful machine learning to reduce false positives, integrated with case management systems that provide relevant information to supercharge the audit process.

Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)

Suspicious activity monitoring is key to detecting threats to your business, no matter if for anti-money laundering (AML) or fraud management.

With Effectiv’s zero code and fast-to-market data solutions, you can quickly customize your workflow and manage case lifecycles and operations within one solution and streamline labor-intense and time-consuming SAR filing activity.

Fraud Prevention Solutions

Fraud is as old as money, but fraudsters and their methodologies evolve with technology. Effectiv’s out-of-the-box fraud solutions combine decades of fraud-fighting experience with ML-driven rules and third-party data to beat fraudsters while creating delightful digital experiences.

Custom Solutions

Want to define your own fraud-stopping workflows along with your own integrated solutions? Try our drag-and-drop sandbox tool which let’s you test your own strategies enabling constant improvement.

Learn how Effectiv helps BHG to save over
$2 million in fraud and launch faster!