Case Management Automation​

Make manual review 10x more effective

Review Processes are the biggest bottleneck in customer onboarding process and risk flows and a core problem of low conversion. Effectiv Case Management system makes review 10X faster.

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Access all data in one, customizable dashboard

End the need to switch between endless tabs and tools to come to a conclusion. Customise data points and reviewer flows to optimise your internal processes.

Make faster decisions with visual analytics

Utilize advanced visual analytics in your reviewer process for more accurate and quicker decision-making. Enable your team to use graph-based networks and geospatial analysis out of the box.

Collaborate across customer onboarding

Enable your team to manage efficiently across the entire case lifecycle. Understand quickly where bottlenecks are, and which cases need attention right now and communicate and share evidence directly in the platform.

Insights That Reflect The Expertise Of The Team