Embedded Analytics and AI/ML

Drive decisions with deep analytics and machine learning

Data and document-centric processes go hand-in-hand in making a better onboarding risk decision. However, combining them both requires sophisticated machine learning and orchestration that works at scale. Effectiv’s advanced, customizable analytics enables a holistic view for your risk teams, making it simple to decide.

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Analyze risk KPIs across your entire portfolio

Today’s risk stack is often fragmented and lacks a unified overview. With Effectiv’s analytics business and operations dashboards, you can track, view, and analyze your entire risk portfolio in real-time.

Utilize your own machine-learning models

The most successful companies use their own proprietary data to make better decisions. Reduce risk and avoid false positives by combining your own machine learning models with external data services in a single, Effectiv workflow.

Avoid vendor lock-in. Get access to all your data

It is crucial to own your data in the 21st century. Effectiv accelerates your data integration and risk feature engineering while keeping you in control of your own data.

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