Account Opening Orchestration

Onboard more good customers faster and cheaper

With Effectiv, you can onboard customers faster with fully customizable KYC, KYB, CIP, and EDD process automation. The visual onboarding flow editor enables you to optimize customer experience and acquisition costs in no time.

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Optimize conversion rate and acquisition costs

Automate any risk onboarding flow with Effectiv’s visual workflow engine. Choose from various automation steps and ready-to-use data providers to leverage your own internal data services and optimize your customer experience.

Evaluate strategies without impacting customers

Accelerate the journey to your optimal onboarding flow with features built for continuous optimization. Test new flows on historical or live data and fix problems before they affect your user onboarding experience.

Reduce engineering dependency to zero

Put an end to draining engineering dependencies and get back in total control of your risk process automation. Easily add new risk data and document verification flows without any engineering help.

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